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DOEACC 'O' Level Course
A Strong Foundation - Part-Time/Full-Time

DOEACC `O'- level Program

The DOEACC 'O' level course is a foundation (Junior programmer) level course, which provides the students insight into the operational and programming aspects of Computers. This course structure has been designed for the students who are beginners in Computer world. They can be groomed as Assistant Programmer and get a break in the Computer industry.

It comprises of four papers and a project. (Please refer syllabus 'O' level). The course leads to DOEACC `O' level certification.

DOEACC `O'- level Program (Full Time)

A students can complete this course on a full time basis (5 to 6 hrs. per day) in one year.

DOEACC `O'- Level Program (Part Time)

Course duration is one and half year and requires 480 contact hours. At JLJ it requires attending theory/practical classes for two hours a day.

examination leave of 2-3 months is in built

DOEACC `O'- level Program
(Upgradation Option)

The student can continue with DOEACC 'A' level after completing 'O' level if he so desires, He gets exemption for the first three papers of A' level.


10+2 or ITI certificate (one year) after class 10.


Part Time: One and Half Year (with 2-3 months break)

Full Time: One Year


Practical Examination

Practical assignments have to be taken up for each paper through out the course. One practical exam will be based on syllabus for above mentioned papers.

Award of DOEACC Qualifications

The student will be eligible for the award of `O' level qualification as per the DOEACC norms

Award of JLJ Certification

The student will also be awarded suitable internal certification by JLJ, based on internal evaluation, upon course completion


Candidates will be selected for the course on the basis of their academic performance/ written aptitude test/ interview. Selected candidates will be admitted on a first-come basis.


JLJ offers scholarships to the students on the basis of 10+2 marks and subsequent meritorious performance in order to encourage them to strive for excellent results.

Awards of Merit

JLJ gives awards to our students for figuring in `All India Topper List' and achieving `S' grades in all India DOEACC examinations.

'O' Level Project

`O' Level Project: At `O' level, candidates are expected to carry out a project successfully and submit certificate from the head of the institute running the accredited course or the organisation of which the candidate is an employee. Project carries no marks.


DOEACC examinations are conducted by the DOEACC Society in January and July each year on all-India basis. Student will take the examinations as per the DOEACC norms.

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