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DOEACC Course Syllabus
`O' level Syllabus

IT Tools & Applications

  • Computer Appreciation
  • • Computer Organization
  • Operating Systems
  • Word Processing
  • Spread- Sheet Package
  • Presentation Package
  • Information Technology and Society
  • Linux

Business Systems

  • Introduction to Business Data Processing
  • Concept of Files
  • Principles and Techniques of Programming
  • Visual FoxPro
  • Business Applications

Internet And Web Design

  • Introduction to Internet

    - WWW
    - Commerce on Internet
    - Governance on Internet
    - Crime on Internet

  • Internet Technology and Protocols

    - Introduction
    - TCP/IP
    - E-mail, DNS
    - SLIP, PPP
    - FDDI, LAN, WAN
    - Client/Server

  • WWW

    - Introduction
    - Browsers, Servers, Search Engines

  • Browsers

    - Netscape, Internet Explorer

  • E-mail
  • File Transfer Protocol
  • Telnet
  • User and Internet Relay Chat

    - Usenet
    - Chat Servers
    - Smiley

  • Web Publishing
  • HTML
  • Introduction to Interactivity Tools



- ASP, VB Script, JAVA Script

- Front Page

  • Multimedia and Graphics

    - VRML, Authoring Tools

  • Internet Management Security Concepts, Information Privacy and Copyright issues

    - Security, firewalls

Programming & Problem Solving through `C' Language (Elective)

  • Introduction to Programming
  • Algorithms for Problem Solving
  • Introduction to `C' Language
  • Conditions and Loops
  • Arrays
  • Functions
  • Structures and Unions
  • Pointers
  • Self Referential Structures and Linked Lists
  • File Processing

Introduction to Programming in Visual Basic (Elective)

  • Integrated Development Environment
  • Managing Projects
  • Visual Basic Programming Elements
  • Working with Forms
  • Basic Active X Controls
  • Graphics with Visual Basic
  • Multiple Document Interface (MDI)
  • Error Handling
  • Windows API and DLLs
  • Object Oriented Programming with Visual Basic
  • Data Base Programming with Visual Basic

Practical Examination

  • Practical assignments have to be taken up for each paper through out the course. One practical exam will be based on syllabus for above mentioned papers.

`O' Level Project

  • `O' Level Project: At `O' level, candidates are expected to carry out a project successfully and submit certificate from the head of the institute running the accredited course or the organisation of which the candidate is an employee. Project carries no marks.

Note: Elective will be offered as per the schedule of the institute and will be at the discretion of the management.

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